We invite UofT students to participate in a living library focused on careers that will create change in the world. In small groups, you will get to sit down with our social innovators and entrepreneurs and ask them questions about their careers, how they got there and what advice they can offer you.

Drop in, stay for a while and network with people who are passionate about social change.

Who can I meet?

The Living Library showcases a variety individuals who are social entrepreneurs or social innovators. They have experience as students, employees, founders, researchers, academics, interns and volunteers.

This session is included in the Sustainable Finance Week hosted by the Lee-Chin Institute at Rotman and so will offer a number of books focused in impact investing.

Dr. Elisabeth Galarneau- Research Scientist, Air Quality Research, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Igor Samardzic - Principal, S+G Urban

Tania De Gasperis- Co-Founder, Over Under Inside Out

Samin Khan- Co-Founder, Animo

Meg McClean- Client Strategy Manager, Public Inc

Nick Gibson- Founder, Our Better Selves

Diana Apostolides - Program Manager, Education & Learning, Mastercard Foundation

Pedram Kaya, Lender | Emerging markets investor

More books coming!

What can I get out of this session?

  • FREE food, coffee, tea and snacks
  • Connections for your future career
  • Ways to plan for a career that will have impact
  • Hear stories, struggles and successes from those in the field
  • Build your network before you enter the job market


What is a Living Library?

A living library provides an environment for conversation and relationship building between a small group of people. Our guest social innovators and entrepreneurs are the “books” and students are the readers. Students join a guest for 15 minutes to hear their stories about working in the field of social innovation and social entrepreneurship, then move onto the next “book.” It's a chance to learn more about how to be changemakers in your studies and careers.

Register today

Date: Thursday Feb 27, 2020

Time: 5-7pm

Location: Innis College Residence- Events Room, 111 St. George Street, Toronto, ON M5S 2E8