Social Innovation focusing on food security, waste, international, health, law

In this road trip a small group of students will make their way to the Karma Coop. A social enterprise since 1972, Karma is a member-owned, democratically run co-operative specializing in organic, local, non-GMO and fair trade products. We can explore their community building, educational, environmental and political/economic perspectives.

Then we will make our way to Canada’s most well known and successful co-working space, the Centre for Social Innovation. The students will learn about the benefits of co-working spaces (including membership and DECA roles), understand their style of incubator and community programs such as the Agents of Change, learn what types of resources are available to social entrepreneurs (incl. Soshent).

After a tour of the Centre, our participants will have one hour to meet and greet some of CSI’s top social innovators, ask questions about their journey and discuss their interest in social innovation with people who are making a career of it.


Walk from Innis College to Karma Co-op.

Karma Co-op

Bob Biderman will take the students on a tour of Karma Co-op and highlight/explain:

  • Food Security
  • About Karma Coop and their story
  • Promote the membership
  • What type of impact does Karma have? (on food, community, waste)

Walk from Karma Co-op to CSI Annex.

Centre for Social Innovation (Annex)

We will start with a tour of CSI and highlight/explain:

  • The story behind CSI
  • The concept of co-creating
  • Members overview
  • Resources available
  • Community events that students can attend

Then you can meet the members

On the main floor we have 3 rooms, each with a social innovator. You will have 10 min in each room.The Social Innovators will spend 5 minutes speaking about their journey as social innovators and the impact that their company/organization has. Students will have 5 minutes for questions.  Victoria will be at a table in the cafe to answer your questions about CSI or social innovation.

We will close the road trip and optionally go for lunch in the neighbourhood.

Date: Thursday November 15, 2018

Time: Morning (half day session), beginning at 9:00 AM sharp and ending at noon

Location: Meet up at Innis College lobby 2 Sussex. We will then walk over to Karma Co-op on Pamerston Ave. north of Bloor to start the road trip.

To request a spot email: